Litter by Posey's Cameron X Hoppin's Brianna.

Born 2/5/10

6 wks old.

Black Chinchilla Buck 1 *Cute little buck. Would like to see a bit more depth to his body and rounder HQ's. *HOLD FOR KATIE*
Black Chinchilla Doe 1 *Beautiful, promising buck! Very short, deep & round. I like this little guy a lot! Lots of substance to this boy. *SOLD TO MICHAEL & MELINDA*
Black Chinchilla Doe 2 *Decent depth to this doe, would like to see her a touch shorter in the midsection though. Adorable head & ears.
Black Chinchilla Doe 3 *Pretty little girl. Great depth and very short. Peaks a little too early, but she may grow out of that. And she may have just been tense when I was posing her. Nice & round.
Sable Chinchilla Buck *Gorgeous buck! Very deep. Really like his round, deep HQ's. Short little boy too. Nice shoulders, beautiful head & ears. *KEEPING*
Sable Chinchilla Doe 1 *Don't like this little doe's body at all. Weak HQ's, lacks depth and too long in the midsection. Would make a great pet for someone though! *HOLD FOR KATIE*
Sable Chinchilla Doe 2 *This doe is a pretty girl! I like her depth and roundness. She has very nice shoulders and is deep all the way throughout. Very thick girl. *SOLD TO PAIGE*