Litter by Hoppin's Daiquiri X Hoppin's Brandy.

Born 2/7/08

5 wks old in these pictures.

Broken Chocolate Buck (BD1) *Nice buck, very promising. I'd like to see a bit more depth to him, but he is still a nice buck. $35
Broken Chocolate Buck (BD2) - Lisa Davis @ Milkhouse Lops
Broken Chocolate Buck (BD3) - Keeping - Hoppin's Bradbury
Broken Chocolate Doe (BD4) *Nicely typed doe. I'd like to see her a little shorter in the mid section, but she is pretty promising! $35 *RESERVED FOR ERIKA*
Broken (charlie) Chocolate Chinchilla Doe (BD6) *Sold to Coley @ Minterbrook Rabbitry
Chocolate Doe (BD5) *This girl is also a nice girl, but I'd like to see a bit more depth and shortness to her. $35