Hoppin's Daiquiri X Joni's Silver Mudslide.

Born 6/1/07-6/2/07.

3 wks old in these pictures.

Brkn Silver Tip'd Chocolate Steel Doe - sold to Leslie
Brkn Chocolate Buck - sadly, we had to put this little boy down, because he was not thriving. He was the runt of the litter, was half the size of his littermates by the time they were 8 wks old and was not doing better.
Chocolate Buck - Hoppin's Digby owned by Kim & Erika Lyon in Michigan.
Chocolate Chestnut Doe - sold to April
Chocolate Chinchilla Doe - Unfortunately this little doe had to be put down due to a problem with her hips. We later found out that Joni's Silver Mudslide threw a genetic deformity in regards to problems in the joints. We do not have any babies from Joni's Silver Mudslide and the breeder who had Silver after us (who found out about the deformity) are not breeding her anymore.