Housing Your Rabbit

Rabbits should be kept in a safe, clean enviroment.

a. Housing a rabbit in a yard
If you are going to house your rabbit in a yard the yard should be suited to accommodate your rabbit. Here are some suggestions if your rabbit is going to be in the yard:

1. We suggest that you make a fenced in area in your yard because that way the rabbit will be safer. It should be noted that a free-ranging rabbit needs to be monitored carefully. Rabbits will dig tunnels incredibly fast - so fast, they
have the ability to undermine a whole yard in just a few days. Plus, they could easily tunnel right out your yard into the next.

2. Another good thing to do if the rabbit is going to be in a yard is to build what we call " man-made burrows". These are burrows in the ground that are at least 1 foot underground with wire on the bottom and sides. This is a way to
keep the rabbit cool in the summer time and it works really well. Our rabbits go down in them when it starts getting hot and they don't come out until the evening when it is cool.

b. Housing a rabbit in a cage
When a rabbit is housed in a cage you should make sure that the cage is secure, in the shade (if the rabbit is housed outside) and make sure the rabbit is not in a windy area. In summer the rabbit should be checked throughout the day to make sure the rabbit is not overheating. Even better yet it might be a good idea to keep the rabbit in the house for the heat of the day.

c. Can I house two rabbits in the same cage
Sometimes two female (does) rabbits can be housed in the same cage, if there is enough room. Some does can be together but some cannot. It mainly depends on the rabbit. You can not house two male (buck) rabbits. They will fight and hurt each other really bad. We have lost several bucks to injuries from other bucks. If two bucks are going to
be in two separate cages that are side by side something will need to be placed between them in order so that they do not fight through the cages (they will fight and bite each other through the cages). A buck and a doe can be housed in two cages that area side by side but they should not be in the same cage together unless you want babies, babies and babies!

Can I have my rabbit run around in the house?
Well, if the rabbit is being watched and it is alright with you that wouldn't be a problem. But be aware that rabbits chew on everything! They will chew electrical cords, possibly the corners of your walls, EVERYTHING! Also you will have messes to clean up from all their droppings and urine.

Can my rabbit live in the backyard?
A rabbit can live in a backyard but it is very likely that if you live in a neighborhood your rabbit may be able to get out through some small little crack in the fence. Especially if it is not in an enclosed area in the yard. The main problem with rabbits running free in a yard is that they dig and dig and dig! They dig really long tunnels and burrows. We have experienced this, we have measured tunnels that went 15 feet or more. If you were going to have a rabbit in the yard you would want to have a little safe house that the rabbit can go into to get away from weather and predators. Some animals that can be a problem with rabbits are: raccoons, birds of prey, snakes, cats and dogs. Any of these have a potential to harm or kill your rabbit, so make sure it has a safe and secure cage or fenced in yard.




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