The barn we had in California:

Our barn was finished in Dec. 2005. Here are some pics and info about the design.

We built our barn with the idea of trying to have it as cool as possible in the summer (since we live in a hot climate in the summer). We dug 3 foot trenches that were 1 foot wide, around the perimeter of our soon to be barn (this would be the foundation), poured cement into that and then dug down 2 feet in the middle.

We used Radiant Barrier for insulation (that is the silver stuff). We had 5 windows and a door in it. Plus, we added two Whirly Birds (attic vents) to help with ventilation. We also added 16 1'x1' vents on all 4 walls for more ventilation. The vents had a door with a latch on them, so I could open/close them depending on the weather. It worked very well!

It stayed pretty cool in the summer, with a fan and misters. In the winter, it worked great as well. Of course we had pretty mild winters in the high desert of California :). It stayed between 55 and 40 degrees in the barn in the winter, which is great temperature for the bunnies. The winter of 2006/07 we had some very cold fronts come through California, so it got below freezing in the barn for about a week and a half or two.

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