Hoppin' Herd of Hares no longer raises Mini Lops. I sold out of Mini Lops in March 2014. Our Mini Lops went to fantastic breeders in Oklahoma, Louisiana, Texas, Iowa, Illinois and Kansas. If you'd like to get in touch with those breeders, send me an email.

Our care pages, Mini Lop body type pages and color guides will stay online for everyone to view and as a helpful resource!


Below are the rabbits we currently have for sale. If you have questions regarding any rabbits for sale, please contact us. If you don't see any rabbits listed on this page, give us a call, email or text, as we are likely to have something available almost all the time.

We have sold rabbits to breeders in Indiana, Tennessee, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Texas, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Michigan, Ohio, Canada, Massachusetts, California, Missouri, Georgia, Illinois, Vermont, Arkansas, Nebraska, Colorado, New York, and Finland.

Make sure you check out our litters page, as we almost always have babies.

We also can do custom designs for your rabbitry: logos, apron design, business cards, t-shirts, websites and more. You can view apron design info here and all other design information here.

We do ship rabbits and also can often find transports for rabbits with various breeders traveling to different shows throughout the United States. Shipping typically is around $200 for the airline fee. Some states require health certificates, which is an additional $20-$80 depending on where the rabbit is traveling, there is the carrier cost and feed cups/water bottles ($40-$60), as well as the cost of fuel traveling to the airport (3 hours round trip from where we are located).




ALL my bucks are for sale. Check out the bucks page, as well as the juniors page.






ALL my does are for sale. Check out the does page, as well as the juniors page.