Sore Hocks

Sore Hocks are very common in large breeds. But any breed can get them. A sore hock is an ulcerated foot pad. Hocks are a term people use when referring to the soles of rabbit feet. Wire cages and damp bedding can contribute to sore hocks.

What does a sore hock look like?
A sore hock can look small and light pink or be big and pink. Some spots that are light pink, hairless, or callused are fine but should be watched closely so they do not turn into something worse. At the first sighting of any pink spots the hocks should be treated. If a little light pink spot is treated promptly it may not turn into something worse. Sometimes the hocks of a rabbit become so sore that it cracks open, gets infected and can even bleed.

Treatment for sore hocks:
* An antiseptic ointment such as - Neosporin or bag-balm can be put directly onto the sores.
* Preparation-H (or just the store brand) can be put on the sore to comfort the rabbit and relieve some of the pain.

* Placing a sitting mat in the rabbits cage is a good idea. This gives the rabbit a place to sit that is more comfortable. Any of the following can be used as a mat: piece of cardboard, wood, a towel, piece of carpet, or foam.



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