Tattooing A Rabbit

There are several methods to tattooing a rabbit:

1) a clamp tattoo. This method, you put the letters in the clamp, clamp the rabbits ear with it and then rub ink into it. There are several different brands of it. I have not used a clamp tattooer since I have not been so sure of using it. Some of the brands are Ketchum, Stone, Grand Champion, etc.

2) a cheap $6 pen tattoo. This pen is like a ball point pen. The pen is dipped in ink, then you must make a punch with the pen until you have completed the letter that is supposed to be in the ear. I got my pen from KW Cages.

3) a battery powered tatto pen. This has a 3 point needle that, when turned on moves back and forth VERY fast. The tip of the pen must be dipped in the ink to fill the ink barrel. You write with this just like you would a marker, holding close to the tip for optimum steadiness, and holding it at a 90 degree angle. There are several different kinds of battery powered tattoo pens. There is the Bat-Tat, Rabbit-Tatt, EZ-Tatt (another name for the Rabbit-Tatt), and there are a few others. I have the Rabbit-Tatt. These pens are slighly more expensive than say, the ball-point type of tattoo pen. But, they are WELL worth the money. It was super easy to get the feel of, the rabbit can be tattooed with only one person (can do it by yourself!), and the rabbits hardly flinch and freak out. The tattoos look very nice and neat as well. This one, by far, is the one I recommend. I hold the rabbit in my lap, with my left arm covering/holding it's face and holding the ear at the proper angle for tattooing. I put my leg up against it so that the rabbit is held a bit more securely. I put my right arm against the rear end of the rabbit, so that it does not want to scoot backwards and I tattoo at a 90 degree angle with my right hand.

Below are a few pictures of a tattoo with this pen. The first picture is the first rabbit that I did with the Rabbit-Tatt (notice it is a little edgy/not so smooth).


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